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When you visit our shop, the choice is endless with more than 700 frame mouldings and countless mount samples. We promote the use of conservation framing materials and techniques where appropriate to protect valuable items in the long term.

We are able to frame almost anything! Including photographs, drawings, watercolours, oil paintings, posters, silkscreen prints, giclee prints, photocopies, acrylic paintings, needlework, pastel drawings, Medals, Memorabilia and Sport Tops.

We also frame more exotic items brought back from all parts of the globe. These include: Egyptian papyrus, Indonesian batik, Indian painted silk, Chinese embroidered silk, Aboriginal canvases and African bark paintings.


We offer 4 different types of glass to best suit your artwork.

Flower in frame 1


This is your everyday glass which is our cheapest and most common option. If your picture is not to be hung in direct sunlight and doesn't require protection from fading due to UV rays, this is the glass for you.

Flower in frame 2

Diffused (Non-Reflective)

Our diffused glass is Satin Deco float glass which has been etched on one side. The oucome is an almost completely unreflective finish, making this the perfect glass for hanging in direct sunlight. Note this glass does not offer any UV protection.

Flower in frame 3

Artglass 99 (Conservation)

This is a conservation glass which blocks 99% of UV rays reaching the picture. If you have a piece of artwork which is either very old or delicate, this glass will prevent said artwork from fading over time. Note this is not a non-reflective glass.

Flower in frame 4

Artglass AR70 ("Invisible")

AR70 is a hybrid glass which blocks 70% of UV rays whilst also reflecting <1% of light (8x more effective than plain glass). Should you have a piece of artwork where conservation is equally as important as viewing pleasure, this is the glass for you.

All glass is available as standard in 2 mm thickness. Where necessary, plain glass and AR70 are also available in 3 mm thickness.


When it comes to putting a mount around your picture, we have more than 70 different colours and textures for you to choose from! These include white core, black core, suedette and linen.

Simply bring your artwork into our shop and we will show you the full range of samples we offer. Having so many options can be a difficult decision to make, which is why we will give our expert opinion to ensure the artwork is best complimented.

Using our state of the art mount cutter, the Gunnar F1 Hybrid, we are able to make single mounts, double mounts, multiple-hole mounts and much more.

Using our laser engraving machine, we are able to engrave a message of your choice onto your mount. Note this is not a stock service we offer so please enquire within about the possbility of a personalised mount.

Hole mounts


Moulding is the material your frame will be made from. In our shop we have hundreds of samples for you to pick from and try against your artwork!

We typically keep few mouldings in stock. This means the lead time on your artwork being framed can vary on our suppliers stock. We will try our best to have your frame ready within 1-2 weeks - this may be longer during our busier periods. If you require your work by a particular date, please make us aware of this when you are placing your order.

Please see below to view or download the catalogues of some of our trusted moulding suppliers to get an idea of what you would like. If you are still unsure, we will use our years of experience to narrow down your choice to a select few mouldings we think best fits the colour, style and design of your artwork.


Example Framing

See below for some examples of non-conventional framing jobs we have completed.

It can be very difficult to quote a price for unique items to be framed without first seeing them. If you wish to have something unusual framed, please bring it to the workshop and we will discuss all possible options with you.

Signed shirt Football / Sports Shirts - Most clothing can be framed
Shirt_and_medal Framed Shirt with Medal Inserted
Signed glove Canvases

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